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Insight Magazine Cover - August 2012
Insight Magazine Cover - August 2012

A Lifetime Love of Learning: The Primrose Difference

Days at Primrose Schools in Avalon Park and Lake Nona offer plenty of time for recreational and creative time as well as a balance of teacher and child initiated activities on a core structure of character development thanks to their Balanced Learning Curriculum®.

For many families, one of the most important decisions they will ever make is who to trust to care for and educate their child. That’s why Primrose Schools emphasizes character at the heart of their culture, making sure good, caring individuals teach their Balanced Learning Curriculum® in an environment that promotes a lifetime love of learning. It’s also why their students have been shown to progress 1.3 times faster on average than other children during educational studies after they graduate from Primrose.

This dedication to excellence made Primrose Schools a natural choice for the Staab family when they decided to open their own Primrose location more than 10 years ago in Avalon Park. Husband and wife team, John and Debby, along with no less than six other Staab family members help to make Primrose School in Avalon Park a true family affair – and a true success.

Consistently rated in the top 5 percent for customer service out of all Primrose Schools across the country, Debby says the reason they’ve been so successful is simple: “We are a group of passionate educators committed to nurturing young children and helping them develop a love of learning.”

The successful formula is set to transfer to the Staab’s other Primrose location this August when they open their Lake Nona school. “We make sure our people are warm, loving and professional, and together we create an environment where children flourish,” says John. “We’re every bit as excited to open our new location as we were 10 years ago when we opened our first school.”

He adds that they are very confident the parents of Lake Nona will fall in love with what they offer to students, just as the Avalon parents have. “One of the things our families really appreciate is the fact that we [the owners] are in our school every day,” adds Debby. “This helps our school remain consistent in the quality of the product we provide. And by hiring the best teachers to teach our curriculum, we know our students have a greater chance for success.”

By focusing on developing the whole child, Primrose Schools aim to establish a love for learning that will make students active learners and motivate them for success.

The Balanced Learning Curriculum® she is referring to places special emphasis on literacy instruction, hands-on learning activities, building a foundation for understanding mathematics, the integration of technology to support learning, and most importantly, on the development of confident, happy children.

“It’s a combination of teacher directed activities and child initiated activities on a core structure of character development,” says John. “We believe, and have proven, that the combination of these methodologies best prepare our children for their next level of education.”

It’s a bonus that they get to teach, work and enrich the lives of kids surrounded by family. Members of the Staab family hold positions at the school ranging from administrators to teachers, support staff and even students.

The Primrose Schools experience and Balanced Learning Curriculum® has been shown to help students progress 1.3 times faster on average than other children during educational studies after they graduate from Primrose.

With the help of their family and their staff, Primrose Avalon Park, and soon Primrose Lake Nona, helps to make a difference in the lives of children every day, and that’s the most rewarding part for Debby and John.

“During our time at Avalon Park we are most proud of our children,” she says. “Many of them have gone on to Avalon Park Elementary School and have contributed to the Blue Ribbon success of that school.”

By considering multiple aspects of childhood development and learning, including social and creative growth, Primrose is proud to call itself a pre-school and not a daycare. “Our school curriculum and activities are set to develop the whole child,” says Debby. “It’s our goal to establish a love for learning that will make students active learners and motivate them for success.”

Because they recruit some of the best teachers around and pair them with a solid, proven curriculum in an environment built from the ground up for learning, Primrose offers an experience parents aren’t likely to find at other pre-schools.

“Building a child’s self-esteem and building a love for learning makes a difference in their lives and in our community,” says John. “It’s always rewarding to see a child succeed, but even more rewarding seeing a child who is unsure or timid turn the corner on self-confidence. It changes their lives. The Primrose experience is a game changer.”

By Corey Gehrold

Now Enrolling for Fall!

Positions are still available in both the Avalon Park and Lake Nona locations, but spots are filling fast. To schedule your tour of either facility or to learn more, contact Primrose today.

Avalon Park

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Lake Nona

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Insight Magazine Cover - August 2012

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